The Success of Terry Baltes and Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd.

A proud member of the Dayton, Ohio commercial real estate community, Terry Baltes has a business in the storied city. For nearly forty years, Baltes has created an illustrious career for himself. As the owner and manager of Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd., he has been an influential part of his community even since it began. The real estate professionals at Baltes’ company are some of the most sought after commercial real estate group because of their success.

Terry Baltes (10)

The formula success is simple for Terry Baltes and his team of professionals. The operation blends small business and customer service along with a large network of contacts that are located throughout his country. With all of these elements put together, the success of Terry Baltes and Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd., is unprecedented. Terry Baltes uses his network of connections to deliver services that his clients need. With the focus that Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd has, they provide their clients with the best customer service and friendly interactions. This successful formula has made Baltes’ company one of the best in the Midwestern and Eastern United States.

Over the years, that Terry Baltes and his company have been in business, they have overseen over four billion dollars in real estate transactions in their storied history. The amount of success they bring in every year has no equal, and he and his business have successfully served an innumerable amount of clients with a high amount of success at meeting their needs and wants in the real estate industry.


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