A Progressing Economy

Terry Baltes, the manager of Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd., believes that the improved economy is making a big difference. Baltes estimates that there is about fifteen percent increase in values of the past two, maybe three, years. He believes that the levels that are seen in the industry are about ninety percent back to the status they had been before he recession hit. More than likely by the end of 2014 and most certainly by the middle of 2015, Terry Baltes believes that the levels will be back to one hundred percent. He fully expects the company’s annual dollar volume to be up considerably because of the higher pricing.

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes’ company markets mostly economy and select-service properties. On the economy, Baltes has this to say, “The economy has gotten better. It slowly continues to improve. There has been some job creation, not a great deal, but some. When we started to hit the recovered from the great recession quicker, as usual. Now it is starting to trickle down, not quickly, but it is trickling down to the working man.” This sounds like good news seen from someone who has been in his industry for nearly forty years.

The success of Terry Baltes is no fluke. He has earned his way to the top of his industry of commercial real estate. Through Baltes Commercial Realty, Terry Baltes has oversaw business transactions that have been valued over four billion dollars. With this number alone, people can rest assured that Terry Baltes and his company are some of the best in the industry at completing deals.


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