Environmental Problems

There are many problems that come up in commercial real estates. Terry Baltes has been in the industry for a plethora of years and knows that there is a risk in every investment deal he has struck for his clients. He knows commercial property well because he has overseen the transaction of commercial real estate combining in value to well over four billion dollars for his clientele. There are always unforeseen factors that come into play no matter how careful you are with an investment. Terry Baltes has seen so much throughout his career, and he knows that studying up on the investment is key, but investors need also to be prepared for whatever may come their ways.

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes lets investors know that it is important to now the environmental status of their property. For investors who acquired a property, it is important for them to keep an eye on their property and ensure that it does not become a hazardous waste issue. Those who own a property that causes this type of problem are directly responsible for taking care of the issues immediately. The environment is something no property owner should want to affect negatively in any way, thus following codes and procedures will help keep the property away from environmental issues.

The cost for an environmental cleanup of a property with hazardous waste issues can be well into the millions of dollars. The disposal of this waste can be much higher than any investor would ideally like to pay at any point of their investment. A way to save money is by obtaining an environmental report that will give details on the environmental status of the property. Terry Baltes knows that this report will help investors prevent large environmental issues with their property.



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