Terry Baltes – Blankets Fur Beasties

Blankets Fur Beasties is an animal welfare organization based out of Northeast Ohio. Residents, who were looking to provide welfare and shelter to abused, neglected and unwanted animals founded it in 2009. Although they were unable to provide shelter themselves, they were able to organize a drive that collects supplies for animals.

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes

They collect quilts, blankets, sheets, toys for cats and dogs, towels, and an assortment of other supplies including food. Their main contributors are local businesses and residents of the area. Once they’ve collected, they bring the donated items to a local animal shelter that has the means to provide shelter and take care of neglected, abused and unwanted animals. Blankets Fur Beasties is a valued member of the state of Ohio’s animal welfare society, and they look forward to making future contributions. To get involved with their drive and donate, visit their website to find more information.

Terry Baltes is a local businessman in the Dayton, Ohio area. He is the founder, owner, and current manager of Baltes Commercial Reality, a real estate agency that he opened in 1977. Since then, he has sold over $4 billion worth of real estate property and more hotels than any other person in the entire Midwest. He graduated from the Ohio State University in 1972 with a triple major in finance, marketing, and real estate. He parlayed all three of his majors to create a successful business that thrives off of providing excellent real estate services by using good marketing skills and providing excellent financial advice to their customers.

Terry Baltes feels very strongly about animal welfare and makes contributions to animal protection and well-being organizations when he can.


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